How to Improve your Decision Making & Problem-Solving with Dekanla Jackson

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How to Improve your Decision Making & Problem-Solving with Dekanla Jackson

About this Workshop:

A major source of stress in work environments is the inability to make effective decisions. The lack of information, postponing decision-making or delegating them to others, and being led by multitasking are just some of the problems we can encounter. Sometimes it is difficult to identify our problems, so it is important to look, assume and generate a perceived self-efficacy relationship with our problems so that we can find a solution.

Who's Presenting?

Dekanla Jackson is a psychotherapist and coach with a background in strategic and operational management. She specialises in change and transformation and is passionate about supporting people on their personal journeys. Dekanla would describe herself as an eternal optimist.

What Content can I expect?

In this TherapyTalk session on Decision making and problem-solving,  we will help you define the problem and nail down the resolution objectives, so we can draw up an effective action plan.

Key concepts covered in the workshop :

  • Pareto Analysis: problem orientation, definition, and formulation
  • Problem Solving (D'Zurilla y Nezu): search for solutions, decision making, practice, and verification
  • 5 Whys Technique (By focusing on only 20% of the causes, we’ll obtain 80% of the solutions)
  • Brainstorming
  • Evaluation of pros and cons

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