How Recruiters use recommendations to improve their hiring process with Circular

How Recruiters use recommendations to improve their hiring process  with Circular

Recommendation instead of Rejection:

Circular is founded on the idea that collaboration is far more effective for long-term growth than competition, especially in resource-constrained environments.

Competing for developers can quickly become a zero-sum game, harming your company in the long run. That is why, at Circular, we created a product centred on recommendations and the promise of Good Recruiting.

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How does Recommendation work in Circular?:

Candidates Recommended by Recruiters

Circular takes all the quality candidates that don't get the job and a shared pool of talent, making tech recruitment better and easier for everyone.

Circular candidates are recommended by recruiters and human resource managers.

Recommended candidates are then matched to other Circular companies, assisting them in obtaining a qualified shortlist, shortening hiring times, and providing a positive candidate experience.

A recommendation is an effective branding tool. In a competitive hiring market, a positive candidate experience will help your company stand out.

Recommending in Circular comes with benefits, such as free swag or the use of our PRO service.

Recruiters Recommended by Recruiters:

Circular encourages users to spread the word about the platform. Because Circular is a growing community, the more of us there are the stronger the community we all have, and the better the hiring.

Interested in finding out how Circular can help you hire faster?

Candidates Recommended by Candidates:

Developers who are already members of Circular can recommend other developers, creating a virtuous circle of recommendation and qualification from the start.

Peers recommending peers ensure that sourcing is thoroughly vetted.

And a recommendation that leads to a job comes with a prize!

Looking for a new career opportunity?

How can Recommending help your company?

We could sing all of our own praises, but we'd rather let the developers and recruiters we've assisted find work or fill a position speak for themselves!

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