David Villarejo | Software Engineer at DEVO

David Villarejo | Software Engineer at DEVO
David Villarejo | Software Engineer at DEVO

Today, we have a date with a great developer who uses Circular, David Villarejo. He joined the job platform and found a job at DEVO, another great company! David joins the call and tells the interviewer that everything looks good on his end. We are ready to start!

David studied Technical Engineering in Computer Systems at the University of Málaga. After finishing the degree, he started to work straight away. He tells the interviewer how he was left wanting to study more, so he did a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence. David speaks Spanish and English.

Interviewer: Tell us more about your professional experience and how you put your studies into practice.

I’ve been working for 12 years. In 2008 I started at Indra, I was there for 2 years and they were some of the best years of my professional life (he says smiling). Then, they put me on another project and I decided to look for other opportunities outside of Indra. In that period, I changed jobs several times until I started at Sopra, where I stayed for over 5 years– I was very happy there, too. But HCL knocked on my door and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. So I changed jobs and worked at HCL for 11 months.

I: Why did you want to change jobs after that?

The conditions I was promised were a better salary and the opportunity to implement new technologies in the business. They didn’t keep their word on the second point, so I wasn’t very motivated.

I: OK, I get it, fair enough. Then I guess you decided to actively look for other jobs? Or what was the process like until you found your current job?

I’d look for opportunities on LinkedIn, filtering results by specific companies and by engineering roles that would suit me. This time, I wanted to work for a final client and to stop doing consultancy. Suddenly, I was receiving tons of LinkedIn messages and I felt overwhelmed. I decided to delete the LinkedIn app from my phone because they continued to harass me.

My ex colleague, Tamara Rojo Sansegundo, suggested that I join Circular to avoid these situations. She was already in the community and sent me an invitation with a recommendation. It looked very interesting to me. I was told that I only needed to indicate my job preferences and they would put me in contact with the best companies for me. The truth is that all the companies I was put in touch with were extremely good! I found the way Circular’s team works to be very cool. The Circular team presented me with job offers in an orderly manner, so I didn’t get overwhelmed. They cared about me.

I: Those are very kind words, thank you! And then you started your hiring process with DEVO. How was it and how did you feel?

DEVO fulfilled the requirements I was looking for: final client, salary that matched my expectations, close to home. I liked the role they were looking to cover, it sounded quite challenging! My first call with Carlos Figueroa was very good. Then I had an interview with the DEVO team, and they were very friendly. The technical assessment took me some time, to be honest (he laughs). Carlos always kept me informed about the process timelines and it’s one of the reasons why I remember this hiring process fondly.

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