Novatec's Tech Hiring Success with Circular

Novatec's Tech Hiring Success with Circular

Founded in 2016, Novatec Software Engineering España, a member of the Novatec Holding group, has rapidly emerged as a leader in Agile Software Development. With a team of 300 IT professionals stationed in nine different locations across Spain, Novatec has dedicated over 25 years to guiding clients towards a digital future.

Novatec thrives on a culture rooted in tech and agility. The company's approach embraces the principles of Management 3.0, with a strong belief in valuing every team member's voice. They prioritise the freedom and well-being of each team member, creating a dynamic and innovative work environment. The team at Novatec loves diving into digital strategies, products, and solutions with openness, immediacy, and a meticulous approach.

Growth and Success with Circular

In the past year, Novatec has experienced substantial growth. Starting with approximately 40 team members in early 2022, they've nearly doubled their workforce by October 2023. This expansion wouldn't have been possible without the right talent acquisition strategy, and that's where Circular came into play.

"We've been leveraging Circular's innovative platform for over a year now, starting in April 2022. During this time, we've hired three exceptional candidates through Circular. We've been particularly impressed with the diversity of candidates, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise that aligns seamlessly with our specific expectations and requirements."

Meet Esteban: A Success Story

Let us introduce you to Esteban, one of Novatec's recent hires. Esteban's experience with Novatec and Circular is a testament to the success we've achieved through this partnership.

Esteban shares his perspective: "The selection process I went through at Novatec was not only swift but also highly professional. It all began when Paola, via Circular, got in touch with me. During our initial conversation, she introduced me to the company, detailed the available job position, and outlined the prerequisites for the role. The alignment between Paola's proposal and my own expectations was strong, making me excited about the prospect.

Subsequently, we scheduled a technical interview where they delved into project specifics and asked more in-depth technical questions to assess my background. Just one day later, they contacted me again, presenting a job offer and providing a thorough overview of the company's benefits package, which I eagerly accepted.

For me, this process was characterized by its swiftness and the strong sense of appreciation I felt from the company. The level of commitment and enthusiasm displayed by all parties involved was truly motivating."

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So, what's your secret to success, Novatec?

Hiring for tech roles doesn't come without its challenges. These challenges may encompass various aspects, such as the technological skills required for the job, language proficiency (particularly English proficiency, which may sometimes fall short of the desired level), and the expectations surrounding salary and compensation packages. Circular helps us overcome these challenges by matching us with candidates that meet our requirements, which means we can start right away with the best fitting candidates. We asked them to share their top tips for hiring success.

Tips for a great hiring process from Novatec:

Swift Yet Comprehensive Process: Despite appearing to be a lengthy procedure, we aim to wrap up the entire hiring process in under two weeks. Efficiency is key in attracting and securing top talent.

Diverse Candidate Channels: We receive resumes through two key avenues: employee referrals and direct applications. Circular also lends a helping hand by connecting us with referred candidates from the community and facilitating relevant applications. This ensures we have a diverse candidate pool, increasing our chances of finding the perfect fit.

Alignment is Key: During the phone interview, we assesses the candidate's motivation for change, language proficiency, and role expectations. Ensuring alignment between candidates and the organisation's technical and cultural aspects is a priority.

Structured Interviews: Novatec outlines the interview process to candidates, establishing a clear structure for the conversation. This approach includes initial introductions, an introduction to Novatec, discussion of the candidate's experience, technical assessment, evaluation of soft skills, insights into Novatec's culture, and an opportunity for candidates to ask questions. A structured interview provides a holistic view of the candidate.

Immediate Feedback: After the interview, we conduct a ten-minute feedback session to share individual impressions. This feedback session aids in informed decision-making and keeps the process transparent.
"At Novatec, we're excited about the future as we continue to partner with Circular to identify top talent, foster growth, and shape the future of tech recruitment".

Esteban's story is just one example of the success that's possible when innovation meets talent. We can't wait to celebrate more hires with the Novatec team!

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