The Best AI-powered Tools to Improve Your Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

The Best AI-powered Tools to Improve Your Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
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Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) are vital for the success of any modern organisation. However, how can you, as an HR professional or business leader, leverage technology to implement an inclusion strategy to attract, hire, grow and promote a diverse workforce?

We decided to ask the expert! In our recent HR Power Session, Oana Iordechescu, Founder of We Include, shared her go-to tools with AI powered features that can help you enhance D&I in your hiring process. Head to the Circular Community to watch the full session and get Oana's full insights and analysis, plus you'll find presentation slides there too!

HR Power Session ⚡️ Using AI powered tools to successfully engage and hire a diverse workforce | Circular Community
In this 30 minute session, Oana Iordachescu, Executive Talent Advisor and DEI Strategist at WeInclude, narrows down the best AI based recruitment tools and practices that can support you to be a true DEI champion, build diverse pipelines and drive inno…

In the meantime, we've put together a short guide to the best AI- powered tools that can help you enhance D&I in your hiring process.

1. Sourcing and Outreach Tools

It may seem odd to say this, but AI-driven tools can help you to create a personalised experience for candidates allowing you to create specific campaigns for different groups and improve how you match them to positions. In addition, by actively seeking out potential talent, you can find candidates that might otherwise be missed.

  • provides data-driven insights and tools to reduce bias, increase candidate engagement, and create a more equitable recruitment process. Specifically designed with European focus and GDPR compliance.
  • Entelo Diversity: designed to help companies identify and engage with diverse talent
  • HireEZ: focuses on unbiased sourcing and screening
  • SeekOut: offers a robust talent search engine providing recruiters with tools to find candidates from various backgrounds and underrepresented groups.
  • Findem: leverages AI to create people-centric searches, enabling companies to discover and attract diverse talent that aligns with specific organisational values and goals.
  • Fetcher: automates the process of finding and engaging candidates, with a focus on building diverse and inclusive talent pipelines.

2. Screening and Interviewing Tools

These tools can help you to move beyond traditional interviewing with standardised and objective evaluations and enable you to do data-driven decision making, not to mention the save on time and cost. Oana shares her full review of these tools in the session.

  • HireVue: Known for video assessment, it's user-friendly but on the expensive side.
  • and Harver: Suitable for high-volume hiring.
  • Metaview: A smart note-taker for scorecards, constantly releasing new features.

3. Inclusive Language Automation Tools

Make your job descriptions and communications more inclusive in an instant.

  • TextView, Talvista, and OnGig: These tools can help you with inclusive language.
  • Gender Decoder: A free version to identify gendered words.

4. Platform Tools

These tools offer a wide range of features, including gender analysis and anonymised data processing.

  • Pymetrics and Headstart: New tools that offer various features, including gender analysis.

5. Job Boards with a Focus on Diversity

Keep an eye on these platforms as they may soon incorporate AI features.

  • 15 tech and Evenbreak: European-focused job boards for tech and disability inclusion.

Proceed with Caution

While these tools offer exciting possibilities, be mindful of potential pitfalls. Always ask about the datasets and be aware of potential biases, poor security, and unrealistic expectations.

Final thoughts

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion is not just a noble goal; it's a practical necessity for modern organisations. With the AI tools discussed above, you can transform your hiring process, making it more fair, efficient, and inclusive. Whether you're an HR veteran or just starting your journey, we hope these insights can guide you in creating a workplace where everyone feels seen and valued. Why not explore these tools and take the next step in building a more diverse and inclusive organisation? The future of your workplace may depend on it. Thank you to Oana, for sharing you tips!

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