Successful Hiring & Fast-Growing Organisations: #1 The Scorecard

Successful Hiring & Fast-Growing Organisations: #1 The Scorecard
Alessandro Di Dedda, Managing Director at FlowforGood

Last week we had the pleasure to host a session with Alessandro Di Dedda ( about The Scorecard as a foundational part of the Hiring Process in fast-growing organisations. Alessandro went through the following topics:

  • The need for Scorecards as a tool to change the ways of working between Talent Acquisition and Hiring Managers
  • The Anatomy of the Scorecard which encompasses a waterproof definition of goals, their KPIs as well as their timeline and impact on the organisation
  • The importance of the three fundamental KPI types: absolute, relative and binary
  • The expected outcomes of Scorecards: ranging from the informed design of interview questions to the definition of more attractive job ads and client-centric candidate challenges
  • 5 major Hiring Managers' objections when they come to face Recruiters with Scorecards in their hands.

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Hiring Tapas: Hiring for fast-growing organisations #1 The Scorecard from Circular on Vimeo.

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