New Pro Plans: Unlimited Jobs and On-Demand Candidates

New Pro Plans: Unlimited Jobs and On-Demand Candidates

Tech recruiters are facing uncertain times. Funding environments, the AI revolution, and layoffs are all affecting the ability to plan ahead. Hiring teams are now facing situations where they’ve just paid tens of thousands of euros for 3 Recruiter seats in LinkedIn Recruiter, to suddenly find that they no longer need them. Or, companies experience a sudden surge in job openings during a specific quarter, but their only option for finding candidates is to purchase an over-dimensioned annual subscription. With these ever-changing hiring plans, it’s becoming increasingly evident that old-fashioned hiring models are struggling to adapt.

Circular’s mission to change the way hiring works has never been more significant. Until now, we’ve tackled tech talent scarcity and improved candidate experience by leveraging referrals to connect companies with pre-vetted candidates who are actively looking for opportunities. Now, it’s crucial for us to adapt and provide companies with a solution that supports their fluctuating hiring needs instead of hindering them. So, we went back to the drawing board to think of a way that we can support your hiring needs at the moment you need them.

Flexibility is more important than ever but the fundamentals of recruitment remain the same. Recruiters are tasked with finding quality candidates, that meet the job requirements, fast.

With this said, our brand new On-Demand Pro Plans become the most flexible in the industry. It’s simple –you pay for the qualified candidates that you get in your pipeline when you need them.

"But I already get candidates via applications and sourcing," you might say. That's true,  but most applications don't meet your requirements, and most of the candidates you source don’t answer. Circular connects you to qualified candidates who meet your job requirements, who are actively looking for new opportunities, have been pre-vetted by similar companies - meaning you can hire quality candidates, fast. Until now, the only way to access these qualified candidates in Circular was via an annual subscription. Now, you can access them when you need them.

“We used to spend three months or more sourcing candidates using LinkedIn or hiring agencies, which was time-consuming and costly. With Circular, we've been able to increase our effectiveness by over 75%”
Guillermo J. Valderrábano - Chief Product Officer @ Homming

Unlimited jobs and On-Demand Candidates. How it works:

Free Jobs

  • The flood gates are open! You can now post unlimited jobs for free, no more limited job postings!
  • With a Free job, candidates can apply to your jobs like a regular job board, we call them organic applicants

Pro Jobs

  • You can upgrade any of your unlimited job postings to a Pro job
  • With a Pro job, you will receive qualified candidates: pre-vetted, relevant, and responsive
  • You pay per qualified candidate you receive (goodbye rigid annual subscriptions!)
  • Facing a sudden change in hiring plans? Pause your job or save your qualified candidates for later. We adapt to your hiring needs.

Pro Packages

  • The most efficient way to hire is with our Pro Packages
  • With our Pro Packages, you can post unlimited jobs and access the qualified candidates included in the package over 12 months and can save up to 40%
  • Plus you'll get manual matching and a dedicated Customer Success Manager
Head to our pricing page for more details

What happens to my current subscription?

If you currently have an annual subscription you can maintain this or decide to switch to a Pro Package. Just contact your Customer Success Manager who will help you tailor the package to suit your needs!

What are the benefits for candidates?

Providing companies with fast connections to quality talent is one side of Circular. The other is delivering candidates the roles they want and the great hiring experience they deserve and our new plans support this! Here’s how candidates benefit from these new changes:

  • Enjoy 5x more available jobs! Allowing companies to now post unlimited jobs means we are dramatically increasing the number of opportunities available to candidates
  • Until now, candidates had to wait for recruiters to reach out. We have now full rolled out the ability to apply directly to the jobs they are interested in
  • With many changes, something’s remain the same, like our mission to guarantee a great candidate experience. All jobs on Circular will continue to have transparent job descriptions, swift answers, and continuous feedback

On the topic of changes…

A few more things to finish. We're builders, so we wanted to celebrate this big product milestone by shipping more stuff. Here's what you can find:

  • A refreshed branding with an updated the look throughout the platform
  • New landings that convey our mission, clearly and succinctly
  • Improved Job Dashboard - access your candidates, matches and Manage your Job in one place
  • Unlock qualified candidates by exchanging your Circular points
  • Recover discarded candidates from previous processes
  • Faster screening: we automatically filter out non-matching applicants

Keen to find out more? You can find all the details about all the different plans in our Help Centre or contact our team directly.