Mercadona Tech shares Tips on Hiring a Product Designer

Mercadona Tech shares Tips on Hiring a Product Designer
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Now that we've opened Circular's doors to welcome the great minds in Product, Design and Data, we wanted to delve into the details from the experts who are hiring for these new roles and share some tips to help our community succeed in their hiring! In this post, Mercadona Tech share the ins and outs of hiring a Product Designer. They'll share the challenges, offer top tips for successful hiring, and shed light on what Product Designers are really looking for in a company.

  1. How long have you been using Circular?

We've been using Circular to hire for tech roles for a year and a half.

2. What roles are you hiring with Circular?

In addition to the engineering roles, we are now hiring a Product Designer.

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3.  What's the biggest challenge you face when hiring Product Designers?

One main challenge we face is finding a candidate that fits 100% with the business needs. The time spent sourcing candidates can vary depending on the profile, making it crucial to have a streamlined process. Circular helps in eliminating time in the search process by providing quality profiles.

4. What's your top tip for the successful hiring of a Product Designer?

Our top tip would be to look for someone who is able to identify user problems and business opportunities, bring them to the table, and work alongside the Product Manager to assess the importance of these issues and prioritise them accordingly.
The designer's biggest contribution to a team is usually their ability to influence strategy, proactively propose solutions, and provide clarity about the reality of the user and their tasks. At Mercadona Tech, we encourage our designers to work on their verticals and take the lead on finding solutions to complex problems.
In addition to working independently, it is also important for a Product Designer to be able to collaborate effectively with their team. A collaborative environment where ideas can be shared and discussed freely is key to fostering creativity and innovation.

5. What are the main things you see Product Designers looking for in a company?

  • User-Centric Approach: Product Designers value user experience and it’s important that the company is aligned with this. Mercadona serves 10.000 orders per day, it’s vital we put the user experience and the core of what we do!
  • Collaborative environment: We host regular office Meetups and have over 17 different nationalities in the Mercadona Tech team
  • Cutting-Edge Tools and Technology: Access to the latest design software and hardware can be a significant factor. Product Designers often prefer companies that invest in the latest technology to make the design process more efficient and effective.
  • Growth Opportunities: Career advancement and skill development are key factors, we offer language classes in addition to continuous learning and development

A big thank you to the Mercadona Tech team for sharing their expertise! Looking to hire a Product Designer or looking to build your product team? Circular instantly connects you to an active talent pool of pre-vetted candidates that match your criteria, sign up for free to explore!