The Talent Pool for Venture Capital

The Talent Pool for Venture Capital

Nowadays, Venture Capital firms (VCs) are really trying hard to add, on top of their investment, more value to their portfolio companies. Since hiring  great talent is the most important scaling challenge for all startups, VCs are focusing on helping them hire faster. Private portfolio talent pools, are a fantastic tool that make it easier to share talent amongst the portfolio.

However, manually maintaining a private portfolio talent pool is time consuming and error prone and portfolio companies end up forgetting about it.

Launching Circular’s Talent Pool for VCs

Today we’re launching our Talent Pool for VCs tool. We built a GDPR-compliant, and handy way for VCs to create their talent pool and share it with their portfolio companies. If you work at a VC firm, you won’t need to add contacts manually to a spreadsheet any more, just invite all candidates you meet and like using your personal invite link. We’ll get them introduced to your portfolio companies!

Just like All Iron, Kibo Ventures, Nauta or Point Nine, who have been beta testing with us for some time, all Venture Capital firms are welcome to join! Keep reading below to understand how it works.


Share talent with your portfolio companies

As a VC, you will be able to share candidates with your portfolio companies. It’s a GDPR-compliant way of having all candidates in one place. When you invite candidates you’ve met and liked, their profiles will be available for your portfolio companies as soon as the candidate opts in. If recruiters in your portfolio companies are interested, they can request an interview and we’ll connect them right away.

Connect all your companies talent networks

Our Talent Pool for VCs also allows your portfolio companies to privately share their own talent networks with each other. It’s a very efficient way of allowing recruiters to share outstanding talent with each other, since they’ll be able to share talent they met but couldn’t hire with recruiters from other portfolio companies that are looking for similar profiles.

Candidates have full access to the entire Circular community

If the portfolio companies do not currently have a matching job opportunity for the candidates in their VC’s talent pool, there is still a lot we can do for these candidates! If they opt in, we’ll help them find a job within the wider Circular Community, connecting them with companies that are looking for profiles like theirs.

We will help your portfolio companies hire developers faster

In addition to their VC’s talent pool, recruiters from portfolio companies can also join our recruiter community. This will give them access to a variety of candidate profiles, and we’ll help them find vetted developers who are ready to change jobs.

How it works

Having a talent pool with Circular is extremely handy and building it is super easy!

  1. Sign up with Circular and kick-start your talent pool. Build an initial talent pool by sharing your invitation link with candidates that you liked. You can invite developers, designers, product management, sales, and marketing profiles that your portfolio companies might be looking for. We’ll help you get your talent pool to 10 candidates so you can move forward!
  2. Invite your portfolio companies to join. Next, we’ll build a private, customized invitation page for your portfolio companies to join Circular so they can access the talent pool. They’ll be able to see all your candidates, their skills, and why they stand out.
  3. Your companies start hiring. Now everything’s ready! Recruiters from your companies can contact candidates shared by you or by other portfolio companies and start their hiring processes.

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