Our focus on creating a Community at Circular

Collaboration is at the very core of what we do at Circular. Recommending candidates amongst recruiters is what got us started and we have been focusing more on fostering that community feeling. We launched recruiter profiles and our own reputation system as a first hint of what Circular is becoming.

Today we are going a step further and doubling down on creating the best recruiter community.

Circular is now invite-only

Circular has always been an open community in which recruiters and hiring managers could register for free. Being open allowed us to grow a few months ago when we first launched in Madrid.

Today there are many hundreds of recruiters registered and actively using Circular daily to hire and recommend talent. We get amazing feedback from them and how much they enjoy participating in a safe place where they can freely interact with their peers in the industry.

But, as we grow, we want to keep the personal, friendly feeling that we have had since the beginning. We want to focus on giving the best experience for recruiters (and candidates) and we believe being a curated community is the right move going forward.

Thus, today we’re making Circular invite-only. To join Circular, you will need to get access through one of these options:

  • A Circular registered recruiter will be able to invite you using your email address.
  • You can register by using somebody’s personal invitation code in our signup page.
  • If you register without an invitation code, you will need to go through an onboarding call with our team before you can post opportunities or recommend candidates.

If you are registered with Circular and want to invite somebody, you can do it by going to “Invite other Recruiters in your profile menu.

By making Circular invite-only we’ll make sure that everybody within the community understands Circular’s values. By curating the community we are also able to guarantee that we have the highest quality standards for opportunities and that recruiters provide top candidate experience to Circular candidates.

Introducing Recruiter Messages

As Circular keeps evolving as a community, it became clear that providing a safe, simple way of communicating with other recruiters is a key feature.

So today we’re happy to launch Recruiter Messaging! You can now send messages to recruiters within Circular and you have an inbox in which to follow conversations along. We will also send you an email every time you get a message at Circular.

To send a recruiter a message, look for their profile name and avatar in your Opportunities page or go to their Recruiter Profile:

The new Circular Recruiter Messages inbox

With Recruiter Messaging and a more curated community, we are taking steps that will make hiring and recommending talent on Circular an even better experience.