Mi casa es tu casa: Circular welcomes Mercadona Tech to Madrid!

Mi casa es tu casa: Circular welcomes Mercadona Tech to Madrid!
Photo by Tania Fernandez / Unsplash

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Community is at the heart of Circular, we wouldn’t exist without it! The sense of community has been strong since the beginning of Circular. Teo Ruiz (CTO & Co-Founder) and Pedro Torrecillas (CEO & Co-Founder) started the company whilst at Campus Madrid and note how a sense of community helped them in the early days.

“Being surrounded by other startups and being part of a community helped us quite a lot when we started Circular so being able to replicate this now is great”TEO RUIZ, CO-FOUNDER , CPO & CTO OF CIRCULAR

Since we launched Circular in 2018, we’ve had one mission: making recruitment collaborative.

Through the Circular Community, in-house recruiters can hire candidates who have been referred by other recruiters in the community that were interviewed during their recruitment process but weren’t hired for that specific job opening. Thanks to the collaboration, +1000 active candidates are shared every month, allowing companies to hire better, faster and cheaper whilst caring for and improving the candidate experience.

Mercadona Tech has been a member of the Circular Community since 2019 and it’s been amazing to see their tech team grow these past years. With their ambitious hiring plans in Madrid this year, we are super excited to have the opportunity to support Mercadona Tech by inviting them to work from our HQ in Madrid.

Great (tech minds) think alike: a message from Mercadona Tech

El Retiro park is just a short walk from Circular HQ


Mercadona Tech was founded in 2016, as a good small project with big ambitions. For those of you who don’t know Mercadona Tech yet, it is a spin-off of Mercadona and is in charge of the new online solution revolutionising the grocery shopping experience.

We first started working from the small apartment as a legit startup, later on we moved to the most beautiful offices in the city, overseeing the old Turia River Park in Valencia.

Comparing 2020 vs 2021, we grew by 30%, and went from 7 nationalities to 14. Also, we improved in acquiring female talent for a tech team — great advancement of 43%.

Therefore, with these ambitious plans for the growth of our service, we are in the search of the best tech talent. We want to provide value and enrich ourselves with the technological ecosystem of Madrid, share and absorb knowledge and experience and gradually make this first team a key office for the fulfilment of the objectives and mission of Mercadona Online.

Mi casa es tu casa

Dogs are welcome to the office too!


When we heard that the team at Mercadona Tech were looking for office space here in Madrid, we immediately invited them to join us to work in the Circular House whilst they look for their new hub in Madrid.

Although we are a remote company, having our HQ in the heart of Madrid means the team can visit whenever they like. María Beneite, Head of People at Circular says,

Having a central point where everyone can meet in person is super important to us. One of our values at Circular is Human Connection and Togetherness and we strive to create this whenever possible whether it’s at company off-sites or breakfasts at the office.

Circular HQ is just by Alonso Martínez


Our HQ is located at C/ Argensola in Madrid, in the upbeat area of Alonso Martinez. With its central location, bursting with restaurants, cafes and gyms you really feel like you are in the heart of the capital. If you want to stretch your legs during your lunch break, El Retiro Park is just a short walk from the office or if you want a drink after work, Malasaña is just around the corner. Thanks to its great public transport links, it’s quick and easy to get to where you want to be.

Sharing the Circular HQ is a great opportunity to collaborate with Mercadona Tech for building a top-notch tech community in Spain together. The tech team that will be based in our HQ will be working to develop Mercadona’s last-mile solution for the whole country, which will transform the Spanish e-commerce market to be more efficient and at the same time, customer friendly.

We can’t wait to show the Mercadona Tech team around Madrid!