Measure your candidate's experience with Circular’s free CNPS tool

At Circular our core mission is to help recruiters and hiring managers to improve candidate experience in their recruiting processes. Measure your candidate's experience with our free CNPS tool

Measure your candidate's experience with Circular’s free CNPS tool

At Circular our core mission is helping recruiters and hiring managers improve candidate experience in their recruiting processes. You can invite and recommend remarkable talent you’ve met and, if they decide to join, we’ll start sending them interview requests by top startup and tech companies.

We believe that improving your candidate experience is tightly tied to your employer branding and your ability to keep attracting top talent in a very competitive market. Additionally, candidate experience is the one metric that next-gen recruiters are using as their main KPI with their companies' management.

However, measuring candidate experience is complex and brings its own challenges. At Circular, we want to fix that!

Measuring candidate experience and Candidate NPS

Recruiters have traditionally struggled to measure candidate experience accurately. Using their ATSs built-in feedback tools, ad-hoc online surveys or just by asking manually via email that then gets consolidated onto some kind of half-cooked Spreadsheet.

These traditional approaches are too cumbersome and require manual work to extract the right conclusions out of the data. And, most importantly, they do not provide a standard way of measuring candidate experience or a benchmark of other companies that you can compare your processes to.

Net Promoter Score and Candidate NPS

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a satisfaction measure very commonly used in understanding how much your users love your product. It was originally introduced in 2003 in a Harvard Business Review article by Fred Recichheld as “The One Number You Need to Grow”.

It all circles around a single question: How likely is it that you would recommend X to a friend or colleague? You answer on a scale from 0 to 10.

Answers are divided into Detractors (from 0 to 6), Passives (7 and 8) and Promoters (9 and 10). Calculating your NPS is easy, then: just subtract the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters.

NPS = % of Promoters — % of Detractors

But, really, the most important aspect of NPS is that it’s a standard you can compare against.

Candidate NPS (CNPS) is a new way of using the same Net Promoter Score idea to measure your candidate experience. How likely are candidates to recommend your company’s hiring process to a friend or colleague?

The one question for candidates.

Amazon, Google or Airbnb are just some startups and tech companies that are using CNPS to measure their candidate experience.

Circular’s free Candidate NPS tool

To help recruiters measure and improve their candidate experience. Today we’re officially launching our free Candidate NPS tool.

With Circular’s CNPS tool you will be able to

  1. Send a CNPS survey to your candidates during or after your hiring process, using candidates email address. Simple and fast!
  2. You will be able to see individual answers, qualitative feedback via a free-text question and the evolution of your CNPS score over time with a beautiful graph.

It’s important to note that, as always we have a very strict privacy policy and we will not use candidates’ email addresses for anything else and will never, ever contact them without their explicit consent.

How can you use CNPS?

Just register and start sending CNPS surveys

If you are new to Circular, you can go to our CNPS product page and register to use our free Candidate NPS tool.

Once you’re registered you just need to paste a comma-separated list of email addresses in the text field and we’ll email the candidates right away:

Sending CNPS surveys is simple and fast.

When candidates start answering their surveys we’ll provide you real-time information on our dashboard, with your CNPS calculation and specific answers and feedback:

You can see your Candidate NPS score evolution

If you are a recruiter that’s already part of Circular’s private community, you can go ahead and directly use our new tool at to measure and improve your candidate experience!

Start improving your Candidate NPS!

We really believe that candidate experience is going to be the main driver for modern startups and tech companies for attracting talent. At Circular we’re working on many new features that will help you measure, improve and share how good is your candidate experience. This is just the beginning!

Go and start measuring your candidate experience with our free Candidate NPS tool. Measuring is the first step to start improving!