María Amor | Backend Data Engineer at CARTO

María Amor studied Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Seville. She did her Erasmus study abroad program in Ireland and has a diploma in Mobile Communications: Technologies, Services and New Business Models. Besides this, she has taken several Machine Learning courses from Coursera, taught by a professor from Stanford University. “I totally recommend them!” she says. She speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese and has extensive international experience in Angola, the USA, and Indonesia.

Great background! Please tell me more about your work experience. What companies and experiences would you say are the highlights?

I started working at the University of Seville, I wasn’t sure what to do next and I gained three great years of experience there. I worked on two different projects and both of them were very interesting! I had the opportunity to meet someone who was very inspiring and eager to teach me. In fact, he was actually the person who would later recommend me to Circular. I was then motivated to move to Angola to work as a Project Manager for Unitel, the leading mobile operator in Angola. It was a wonderful experience! After a year there, I decided to move to Málaga, and I started working for a global team at Ericsson, where I stayed for 7 years. I needed some stability because I had been travelling a lot. So, I started to explore areas and decided to study artificial intelligence. Right after that, I joined CARTO.

When exactly did you get in touch with the ex-colleague you mentioned at the beginning of the interview, the one who recommended you to Circular?

It was pure chance!! His name is Javi. I wrote to him to see how he was and he told me, “I’m going to put you in contact with people I know and give you a recommendation.” I didn’t know what he was talking about. He used to be the CTO at CARTO, where they were using Circular quite a lot, and he recommended it to me. After searching for a job within my previous company and through other job platforms, Circular ended up being the most efficient way. Everything went very smoothly and fast. Immediately after registering there, I received interview requests from very interesting companies. I definitely recommend Circular, and I’ve already invited several friends!

How was your experience with CARTO’s hiring process, your Candidate Experience with them? What is your perception of the whole process? I’m sure they took really good care of you.

Indeed! Right after joining Circular, everything went very fast. I started interviewing with CARTO and everything went very well with Jose Martin-Corral as a recruiter. I then completed a technical assessment and they introduced me to the team I’d work with in Sevilla. It was a very well-organized and transparent process!

🍲 A meal: Sushi

🗺 A place: Lisbon

🤹‍♀️ A hobby: hiking, dancing salsa and swing