Introducing Circular Pro: Recommending has never been so rewarding

Introducing Circular Pro: Recommending has never been so rewarding
Circular Pro

We believe in order to change recruitment, it needs to stop being a zero-sum game that’s purely competitive. Circular unleashes collaboration: instead of a hard stop for the great talent that in-house recruiters were unable to hire, we enable them to easily recommend that talent. This means that other in-house recruiters, who are hiring now, get access to a trusted flow of recommended talent. In addition, candidates benefit from getting straight to the best companies’ shortlists and receive a first-class hiring experience at every step of the process.

After more than 20,000 interviews and 1,000 hires, we can confidently say the collaborative model works. The next step is making it sustainable. We have a dedicated team of 40+ people working on this mission thanks to the support from our investors but having an independent and self-sustainable network is the end goal. And we are ready to close the circle in the fairest and most transparent way.

We’ve changed the way hiring works, now we’re changing how it’s priced

Starting today, Circular has a free version where you can access talent that’s been recommended by peer recruiters. You’ll receive 6 candidates every 48 hours, unlimited positions, and unlimited hires with no hiring fees. And of course, access to our community and get the feedback from candidates about their experiences.

And a paid version that comes with an extra edge: direct access to all candidates, with no time limitations, and tools to make your hiring more effective – data on salaries, insights on your performance with Circular, and a new verified company page. The paid version starts at just €199/month and we are rolling it out progressively as we grow the different local networks. We are starting today in Spain –although Barcelona will be free until September!–. Check our pricing page for details.

Get rewarded by recommending

We want to double down on rewarding the most active contributors and the companies providing the best candidate experience.

Therefore, we have removed the reputation-based limitations that limited the amount of jobs that could be posted and have re-built the whole reputation system.

  • You can now earn Circular points as you contribute to the network with recommendations. You can redeem these points for rewards such as free Pro months, recruitment learning courses, event tickets, charity donations, and exclusive Circular merch. Read more about Circular points here
  • Your lifetime earned points define your public reputation level, i.e. how much trust you earned in the network. Different levels come with different perks: status, highlights on social media, or a seat on the Governance group for example. Don’t worry, we’ve already transferred your well-earned stars into Lifetime earned points so you keep all of the reputation that you previously earned 🙂
  • Ratings of your company’s candidate experience are shown now on your company page –instead of being in your profile–. Candidate experience is a team effort!

One more thing.

The most requested feature is also coming to all accounts today: ATS integrations! Integrate with Greenhouse, Recruitee or Teamtailor from your profile in a few clicks. Workable and Lever are coming this month. Many more this year.

Circular is built by and for people that believe that another type of recruitment is possible. Dozens of recruiters and developers have been working side by side with us on the model and product. To all of you, thanks. And keep the feedback coming!