Circular Manifesto for great hiring experience

Circular Manifesto for great hiring experience
Photo by Jason Leung / Unsplash

Offering a great Candidate Experience to all developers in Circular is the most important part of the job we do every day and now is guaranteed.

By now, most recruiters know that any candidate expects to be respected and informed within a hiring process. Candidate Experience goes way beyond and it is something that we believe can always be improved upon. There are so many “best practices” that we want to implement in our community, but with recruitment changing, we know how important it is to be ahead of the curve on Candidate Experience. This is why we will continue to share the best practices as they evolve.

We do appreciate every single developer on our platform and we respect them for the time they invest when answering an email, attending an interview and making what can be a life-changing decision. We know recruiters and hiring teams in our community do too. That’s why we develop a set of requirements that everyone in the Circular community should meet.

This means that from now on we’re guaranteeing that every job interview and recruiting process in Circular will comply with these guidelines. Let’s start!

All info, upfront

Job descriptions at Circular will provide all information upfront: salary range, the technical stack, and remote work policy. Developers want to know if their preferences match the job as soon as possible. Having all this information up front will make processes smoother and more accurate. You can find more information about how to write a great job description here.

No surprises

We’ll make sure that recruiters share in advance what the process is like at their companies. What are the different steps, who will be the interviewers, if there is going to be any code assessment and what comes next after each phase.

100% transparent, both ways:

Visibility is key in order to guarantee a good hiring experience. It means that recruiters must be responsive and clear and that developers will be honest too about their intentions upfront. This goes hand in hand with keeping fluent communication. Developers get a very positive impression when their questions and concerns get answered in a short time. That being so, all messages must get a response in a week or less.

Feedback guaranteed

Whatever happens in a recruiting process, recruiters are required to give clear and honest feedback to developers that ask for it. This will not only help the developer understand what went wrong and right, but it will show them that you care and they’ll appreciate you for that.


Circular will foster an inclusive community for companies that value diversity and fairness in their recruitment processes. Developers at Circular will be valued for their professional experience and merits no matter how or who they are.

We’re here to help

Our Talent Advocates will take top companies' best practices to improve developers' interview skills and preparation. They’ll help you make the hiring process more pleasant and make the right decisions. You will never be alone at Circular.

At Circular, we’ve been following this Manifesto (without having written it) for over a year and we’re proud to say that every Circular member declared being satisfied and appreciated along the hiring process. We’re a supportive, respectful and motivated team that believes that the employees are what make a company run successfully.