Bonjour, Paris!

Bonjour, Paris!
Pedro Torecillas, Co-founder & CEO of Circular and Alice Duranteau, Founder of RecruitersClub

We are very happy to announce Circular’s acquisition of RecruitersClub in Paris.

Having opened the London Market in March, Circular was looking to expand further in international markets. RecruitersClub shared a very similar ethos when it comes to sharing tech talent, so this was the ideal partnership.

Thanks to the acquisition, we are able to sustainably transform the way hiring works in France and connect more like minded-recruiters that are keen to work collaboratively to hire great tech talent, instead of competing.

Alice Duranteau founded RecruitersClub in 2017, and successfully built a community of over 200 companies who were recommending tech talent in France. Following the acquisition, Circular enables this to be done at scale. Alice remains in charge of national operations as Director of France at Circular.

“RecruitersClub was born out of the conviction that winning the "war for talents" could only be done together, as a community. And I believe we proved that even in very competitive markets, recruiters know they need to play the long game and invest in their candidate experience by recommending talents.Circular is our chance to make this a worldwide movement.”

France-based recruiters can now join a network of +6,000 in-house recruiters who are recruiting from and recommending peer approved talent. In Circular’s network of in-house recruiters, there’s a continuous flow of qualified and responsive candidates available, across the developer spectrum. This helps you hire great talent at speed, and helps peers to do the same.

“We are really excited about our partnership with RecruitersClub. Not only has this enabled us to expand into a new city and leverage the local insight from the team at RecruitersClub, but we are now able to expand our network of in-house recruiters who share our ethos. We’re thrilled to welcome recruiters from RecruitersClub to Circular, who share our same view on collaborative recruitment and who are keen to help us on our mission to change the way hiring works for the better”. Pedro Torrecillas, co-founder and CEO of Circular.

To celebrate the occasion, Circular is hosting a Launch Event on the 23rd of June, 2022.

It’s official! We are launching in Paris and we’d love to celebrate with you!

Join us on June 23rd for our Launch Party where you'll get the chance to learn more about Circular and our mission, meet more talent professionals in the network, and of course, enjoy some drinks and cocktails whilst doing it 🍸

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