5 Tech Recruitment trends to look out for in 2023

5 Tech Recruitment trends to look out for in 2023
Photo by THE 9TH Coworking / Unsplash

1. Improving candidate engagement and building long-form relationships with candidates will be essential for effective hiring in high-demand positions

It's really about long-term relationship building.

Candidates are going to be as hard, if not harder to communicate with and engage with as they have been over the last several years.

Expectations are higher, but risk aversion has gone up as well, which means that we really need to get to a point where recruiters are building trust relationships with candidates less than trying to create a gimmick to get engagement.

It helps to be as upfront and honest about your offerings from the very beginning. When hiring for tech roles, being specific and outlining the issues they will face is really helpful because tech-profiles love to see the difficulties they will face as soon as possible. For example, sharing the product roadmap or the challenges they must overcome.

2. The importance of leveraging brand recognition to draw in top talent

Traditionally offline brands moving into the online space will need to properly use offline to online rebranding to draw top talent.  

It's critical to be open and honest about what the brand stands for as well as to have a clear understanding of how the brand is perceived.

For instance, the recruitment staff at Mercadona Tech takes ten minutes out of each interview to describe how the company differs from Mercadona (A well-recognised Supermarket chain In Spain).

The majority of people relate the Mercadona brand to a very corporate organization, and culture, and expect IT teams with outmoded procedures.

In the case of Mercadona Tech, it was crucial to help candidates appreciate the differences between a traditional IT corporate department and how they operate as a production department within a corporate team. When creating this type of structure, It's crucial to be open and honest about how you operate and to inform potential hires that you are, in fact, a technical organization and that technology is at the centre of your operations.

3. Hiring Success will increasingly depend on utilising technology to evaluate applicant knowledge and provide a favourable candidate experience

It will be essential to comprehend the applications and constraints of the technology utilized by recruiting teams. Understanding them, and how the candidate responds to them will become increasingly crucial to the success of hiring efforts.

Understanding how your tech-stack integrates with your everyday work and your internal process will define the success of your efforts.

For instance, during the Pandemic, Personio leveraged technology to implement a virtual onsite day. How? they did all introductions on zoom video and as the cherry on top, there was a personal virtual tour as well for the candidates. What became a temporal solution to a specific problem has now become a new onboarding tool for their remote and hybrid teams across the world.

4. Hiring Product-Centered tech teams will be the key to successfully retaining and growing top talent.

It’s going to be very important to have people in the people department with good knowledge about what means the product culture.

The majority of the time, people teams lack the necessary information, including knowledge of how products are organized, how to work for users, how to produce results, and how working on projects differs from working on products.

It makes a lot of sense to offer the prospects a lot of value in terms of knowing the truth about the company's product culture and additionally, it is tremendously powerful to have this information come from the people team from the start.

5. Preventing employee attrition while preserving employee happiness will be a major issue

Quiet quitting, employee drain, and employee dissatisfaction will be major issues that can be fixed very easily. Be transparent and dependable internally.

Being extremely reliable internally is the first thing to do anytime the outside world is unpredictable. In other words, those who are negatively impacted by the external market will constantly experience discomfort. Simply being extremely consistent in your internal communication can help stabilise this.